Temperature Control Boxes

The pharmaceutical industry, like any other, does not do without the use of industrial equipment. Mixers, separators, stamping machines, conveyors of various types, and temperature control boxes involved in technological processes. A new feature of this industry are chemicals and raw materials that form synthetic media

In this regard, industrial equipment must not only be sterile, but also resistant to chemical influences. During operation, the moving parts of pharmaceutical machines heats up, contributing to the heating and the energy generated by chemical reactions. So that the problem with overheating of the container does not arise, and the working bodies of the machines do not wear out ahead of time, special cooling systems are used. 

In medicine, there is also a need for pharmaceutical refrigeration in order to store blood, heart transplant, drugs and more.

Temperature Control Box ריצארד בון

What are temperature control boxes

Temperature controlled packaging is used to keep a product in an optimal temperature range from manufacture to consumption which comes very handy when transporting temperature-sensitive medicines to remote locations.

With increasing shipments of pharmaceuticals worldwide, there is a great demand for temperature-control packaging because it has a direct impact on the patient’s safety and treatment.

Safe Medicines Transportation - Things to Know

Temperature control boxes are ideal for transporting temperature-sensitive products in extreme conditions, such as long-term or extreme thermal conditions. That was a major reason for the growth of the temperature controlled packaging market. 

The World Health Organization estimates that the world’s waste of liquid vaccines is about 25%, primarily due to improper handling and transportation processes.

As part of this, various programs have been launched to monitor vaccine waste. These programs also focus on the proper handling and transportation of vaccines, driving the demand for temperature controlled packaging.

How to Store Pharmaceutical Refrigeration ?

Premises for storing medicines and medical products (MP) according to their structure, composition, area and equipment must meet all the requirements of the current regulatory and technical documentation and licensing of pharmacy warehouses and pharmacies.

Arrangement, operation and equipment of storage facilities

must ensure the safety of medicines and medical devices. For this storage room equipped with security and fire-fighting equipment. 

The personnel must be qualified and maintain sanitary rules and personal hygiene. In warehouses and rooms, certain conditions must be observed for storage, which depend on the properties of pharmaceutical products. 

To control the main parameters of storage conditions (temperature and humidity) in each the room contains a thermometer and a hygrometer, which are located on the internal walls of the storehouse away from heating devices at a height of 1.5 – 1.7 m from the floor and on

distance of at least 3 m from the doors. 

Checking the temperature and humidity carried out at least once a day, instrument readings are entered by the responsible

face in a special accounting card, which must be in each department.