Room Cooling Solutions - What Is That?

Room Cooling Solutions

With summer and high temperatures on the way, room cooling solutions become the best alternative to combat the heat. For this, air conditioning is the most recurrent option. However, there are other more ecological and efficient refrigeration alternatives that we cannot ignore. Below, we are going to break down the different types of cooling solutions.

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Types of Water Chillers

Before going into it in depth, we are going to review what room cooling systems are out there on the market right now. These are the 5 cooling solutions that have helped us deal with high temperatures over the years. 

Fixed Air Conditioning

This is one of the most used systems to cool room temperature.. Air conditioning systems work through what is known as the refrigeration cycle. That is, a fixed air conditioner does not cool. Rather, it extracts heat from the room air through a cyclic process. During this process, the refrigerant gas changes from a liquid to a gaseous state and vice versa.

Portable Air Conditioning

This cooling system is the same as the previous one, only that it can be moved from one room to another in a matter of minutes. The portable air conditioner is very practical. It does not require prior installation and is placed directly on the ground.


This device consists of a home cooling system whose main function is to spray water mist. It is a fixed installation and is used to cool the environment in outdoor areas, such as the garden or terrace.

Air Coolers

They are cooling systems that are also known as evaporative air conditioners. Its operation is carried out by evaporation. A fan is in charge of extracting the hot air from the room through a filter covered by ice water. Its use can lower the ambient temperature up to 16 Cº with respect to the outside temperature. Because it needs to capture new air in order to function, its installation must be done next to a window. This system has a really low power consumption.

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What is Evaporative Cooling?

When we talk about evaporative cooling, we refer to that natural process that is based on the use of water as a coolant. Thanks to this, it is possible to transmit to the atmosphere all the heat that results in excess in thermal-type machines. The most common pieces of equipment that use evaporative cooling are condensers and cooling towers, hence their names. Their use is usually mainly industrial, and they are an air conditioner in refrigeration installations, through the condensation of the refrigerant gas. Other uses of evaporative cooling are heat pump heating and air conditioning.

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How Does Water Cooling Work?

Its operation is based on the release of condensed heat in the refrigerating machines. This heat is transferred to the atmosphere through the evaporation of a small amount of water. And how does this process take place? By establishing direct contact between the water that is circulating and an air current. What is achieved in this way is that there is an exchange of mass and heat between them.

Tips for Choosing A Cooling System

Opt. for Integrated Systems

They are comprehensive cooling solutions that give you a heating and cooling system all in one. In this way, maximum comfort is achieved with minimum investment and installation work. Look for a cooling system that is flexible, efficient and environmentally friendly. In the medium – long term you will start to see savings in your electricity bill.

Look for Low Consumption Products

Those known as low-temperature emitters are systems that offer high performance using a small amount of energy and providing exact temperature control by hot-cold radiators, built-in emitters, etc.

Don't Forget About Ventilation

The room interior air renewal is also important in order to maintain a healthy environment, free of contamination and allergens. For this, there are decentralized on-demand ventilation systems capable of guaranteeing intelligent and sustainable air renewal.