Data Center cooling

In – Row Cooling

  • The inverter compressor adapts its speed according to the chiller load
  • Temperature liquid accuracy from 0.1 to 0.3 Deg. kelvin
  • The system compressor “start up time” will be according  to determination  of  Inverter slope speed recommended when using generator power supply
  • Usually the load of the specified system will adapt a recommended inverter
  • Compressor, and thus will have redundancy load of 30%      
  •  In our inverter system the buffer liquid  tank is by-far much smaller then in
  •  Conventional steady speed compressor systems, consequently the weight and   Size is significantly smaller.
  •  In inverter system the total electrical consumption is very economical and
  •  Stands On 42%, in compression to standard ON/OFF compressor system.      
  • A very important issue is that with inverter compressor you may work with
  •  An higher evaporating temperature and due to that fact, you reach high COP    system.    
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